WORST Way to Invest in Real Estate

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http://www.freedommentor.com/worst-way-invest-in-real-estate Discover the most awful method to purchase property. This is the opposite … property investing spoiled.

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  1. Mo “sam” Jo says

    Now I am scared to invest in a property.

  2. uk2usa says

    It's called an LLC. Form one. They cannot come after you personally if you purchase property in your LLC.

  3. John Wassink says

    No horror stories yet Phil, but I've only had one rental for 5 years. I will let you know in a few years, lol

  4. Charles Lawrence says

    I feel like this is all obvious common sense though.

  5. working shlub says

    for anyone looking at multi family buildings…..make sure you know the lead paint laws in your state and the history of the property when it comes to lead inspections etc.. i made that mistake .i was able to recover without getting into major trouble. thats my advice to any new investors.

  6. leggy Reid 4c says

    Thanks for sharing and enlightening us. I'm looking to buy my first house and I just want to be sure about what I'm doing.

  7. Dudley Martin says

    Tennant's that up and leave with no notice in the winter. pipes freeze and bust and re-plumbing coated prior to re leasing are in the thousands or more.

  8. john ace says

    I like to know if you would be interested in myself or people who can find investment properties or soon to be auctioned or vacant homes Like those of elderly folks who do not will to their family, is there a commission for me worth my time for finding these properties. I just like to know if I can make a little money that way.

  9. Marcus LeeP says

    Thank you Phil.

  10. marc dort says

    Phil I'm new to investing in real property so what advice would you give me on purchasing the deal, I can pay cash but I'd rather put deposits and purchase more with the cash. Also my credit is good in the 700's I guess how do I go about getting mortgages for the properties I'd like to purchase. Here's the kicker I'm self employed so two year tax return doesn't reflect my cash value to date.

  11. LexDiamonzz says

    Phil I love the way you speak in these videos, your knowledge is incredible and you could motivate a dead person back to life. Would love to get mentored by you and even meet you in person some day, walk through a live deal with you. I live in Dallas, Texas, any help would be greatly appreciated. God bless you Sir..

  12. adem says

    A women is a bad investment… Happened to a friend of mine now has to pay child support who is on the other side of the country

  13. MrJSECRET20 says

    im going to bid on a condo (forclosure) in 2 weeks.
    location is in a revletivly right below med. area starting bid is 2,300.i believe the estimated value is 36k.
    But i hear all these stories on what can go bad or fees that cant come about. not to mention this will be my first time at an auction and i havent seen the inside of this condo. i still have alot of homework to do before times come. any tips
    hope that was clear .

  14. MrJSECRET20 says

    buy a condo to rent out good or bad

  15. I Don't Like That Shit says

    I want to buy an abandoned warehouse which is 3 stories and rent out the 1st floor while living on the 2nd&3rd floor after major rehab. 6,000 sq feet recently purchased for 80,000 in 2/2016, back on the market in 6/16 for 150,000!!! I need guidance.

  16. Ryan Conrad says

    I see a lot of stories. Most people here are getting into homes with $3,000-7,000 down and they are literally spending everything they have. Then they have this pretty home but the roof needs replacing. On the home inspection they gave it 3 years but the insurance company says NO THANK YOU! We need you to have a roof in 60 days or you're cancelled. But they have no equity, no savings, and can't afford to buy a new roof. YOU MUST have a good sized emergency fund and a good down payment when buying a home or investment property. Also, I see people think Insurance covers home maintenance issues which is not true. But they can only afford the mortgage. They can't save or invest for retirement. So they get panicked when the house wears out.

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