Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing

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< object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" design="width:425 px; height:355 px;" information ="//" >< param name="motion picture" value ="//"/ >< param name="allowFullScreen" worth="true"/ >< param name="allowscriptaccess" worth="constantly"/ > Discover the very best legal entity if you are going to be buying genuine estate
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  1. Curious Adam Chanel says

    What do you think of Detroit home investment?

  2. David Wood says

    Phil's the real deal.

  3. Huy Vu says

    hi Phil, you mentioned traditional investors (those who get loan from banks) and non-traditional. How non-traditional investors raise money to acquire estates? do you have a vid about this topic?

    many thanks

  4. araoke says

    Hello Phil.
    How can I invest in real estate without a bank loan or personal finance. I have two houses now that are finance by a mortgage company.and will like to buy more in the future.

  5. Amir Mansour says

    When u say separate the two entities, does that separation entails TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES like LLC AND SCORP OR CAN YOU HAVE just 2 s corps or 2 llc's???(thank you!)

  6. Sedrick Geniusy says

    great stuff

  7. Debbie W. says

    The faces you make are sooooo funny. Good vid.

  8. marissa williams says

    hi I'm from Trinidad .my husband and I attended a live event in paria suit for two days with Doug Clarke  .do u know him? anyway after attending we had to pay three hundred US to attend a work shop  for two days after attending the work shop  the last day they told us that we have to pay seven hundred US for LLC . we didn't have that money to pay for the LLC so we got left behind can you help us to do real estate without charging any money. I'm trying but I don't   have  that money to start with my number is 1868319-4608  and my name is Anthony joseph  I'm looking forward for your reply thank you

  9. Trevor Wesley says

    Phil what advise could you give to a Veteran for investing in real-estate?

  10. Best friend Detroit says

    I'm researching now on real estate and flipping houses this is the 1st video I've watched had great points but I would love to get more information

  11. John Mark Burnt Rice says

    After I get my real estate how do I start with investing

  12. Len says

    Hi Phil , I am really enjoying your video and learning a lot from them. Thank you so much for sharing your videos. I have another question, I am setting up another company and would love to know what is the difference and meaning between LLC and LLLP company thank you so much Phil, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  13. Len says

    Hi! Phil this is probably out of the question with regards with your video, I am very sorry about that, but just want to know if I have the right to ask for the original Title of the property , I am very confused about, and wanting to know if this is legal or not, I bought a property through insider cash in Utah, so I did put 12,000 dollar for a down payment on the property that I have purchase, so now when I ask them about the Title of the said property she told me that the Insider Cash company will be the one to hold the original Title of the property because the said property is not fully paid yet or I still have a mortgage through them. Thank you so much Phil really do appraciate your feed back.

  14. Roryf4462 says

    can you do a video on owning properties with a trust under an llc?

  15. Jim Sutton says

    How might you shield yourself from being disclosed as the person buying? Can one of these Entities be used to by a property anonymously. Let's say you want to purchase a property of someone you know, but don;t want them to know it's you as the buyer.
    How? What's the best way? Have you covered this?

  16. Billy Garrett says

    I appreciate all your videos. 1 year ago I was homeless living in my car and just after watching your videos I over heard a lady talking about selling a rent house because people keep trashing the place. I had no money but she was dealing with a lost title so I hand wrote a contract and took possession on the place. in three weeks I flipped that place and was able to buy two more houses and some land. Thank you for all your videos they have really changed my life. I still have lots to learn ,but because of your help I'm well on my way to changing my stars.

  17. rdurelle says

    Awesome video! Thanks!

  18. Modi CPA says

    Hi Phil,

    As a CPA, I just wanted to inform you that Rental Real Estate activities are Reported on Schedule E for an individual not Schedule C as you've mentioned in first few minutes in your video. This is very important to clarify for reporting purposes and how it is taxed.

  19. Fab Maserati says

    Hey Phil,
    You talk about this in your book: How to be a Real Estate Investor?

    Awesome videos here.
    Thank you.

  20. Cliff K. says

    Phil when you say put the property in the LLC do you mean when you buy the property its not actually "you the person" buying it instead that the LLC is buying it under an EIN #? Or that "you" actually buy it under your ss# and just have the cashflow go into an LLC bank account? Thanks

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